TR Transportation Consultants, Inc. has extensive experience with the engineering services necessary for the design of traffic signals and signal systems, including preparations of plans, special provisions and cost estimates.

Our Staff’s combined experience of over twenty-five years in the traffic signal design and system work has maintained TR Transportation’s qualifications in this type of work. Our personnel understands state-of-the-art modern traffic signal systems, including knowledge of traffic signal hardware, traffic control equipment, vehicle detectors, traffic signal control strategy, and communication equipment.

The staff of TR Transportation has also authored and modified technical special provisions as part of signal design and signal system work. Depending upon the adequacy of existing pay items and specifications, new and upgraded signal systems may require specific equipment that may not be covered in standard specifications. TR Transportation is familiar with FDOT specifications and has attended FDOT training related to the preparation of new specifications.

Design staff addresses all facets during plan preparation. Underground and overhead utility conflicts are identified and any railroad or special requirements necessary for the signal installation such as pedestrian phasing, emergency vehicle pre-emption, and vehicular overlaps are incorporated. TR Transportation works closely with the appropriate agency to assure that a quality and aesthetically pleasing design is incorporated while developing cost efficient alternatives.

TR Transportation also has extensive experience in street lighting design. Work with numerous state and county agencies, municipalities, as well as private developments have dictated special requirements. From high and low level lighting to decorative fixtures, TR Transportation develops designs that compliment the surrounding roadway network while providing a safe driving environment.

Metro Parkway Signal and Street Lighting (FDOT)

TR Transportation designed the street lighting for the extension of Metro Parkway from Six Mile Cypress to Alico Road with an interchange at U.S. 41 for the Florida Department of Transportation. The job entailed both staggered and ramp lighting as well as a combination of mast arm and strain pole signal designs. Metro Parkway is a State route and complete F.D.O.T criteria were adhered to in the preparation of the plan set. Interconnect conduit and cable was specified and current Lee County signal system specifications were utilized to compliment the County DOT’s systems already in use.

Livingston Road Signal and Street Lighting (Collier County)

TR Transportation was involved in the preparation of design plans for street lighting and signal design for Collier County along Livingston Road. Existing lighting was accommodated during the expansion of Livingston Road and strategic light pole placement was applied to reuse existing equipment in the field.

Signal System Retiming Projects - Various (Lee County)

Various corridors were retimed on behalf of the Lee County Department of Transportation. Tasks included existing system evaluation, data collection, evaluation, timing plan development, implementation/performance review and documentation. TR Transportation worked closely with County staff to implement new timings in the field and make fine-tuning adjustment in the field to ensure smooth traffic flow on the arterials. Staff also developed Measures of Effectiveness (MOE’s) to determine overall cost/benefits for system implementation.

Traffic Data Collection

TR Transportation also has extensive traffic data collection experience utilizing personnel in-house to complete these services. TR Transportation has available an equipment inventory ranging from computerized data collection units such as Hi-Star and pneumatic tube counters to hand held traffic count boards. In addition, TR Transportation has in-vehicle DMI’s (Distance Measuring Instrument) based upon Global Positioning Satellites that is utilized to conduct travel time studies utilizing the JAMAR© count boards and software.