TR Transportation (formerly Metro Transportation Group, Inc.) has extensive experience both in Southwest Florida and the Midwest in projects where studies similar to those listed above were completed. Several projects in Southwest Florida and other regionally significant projects completed by TR Transportation include:

  • Canopy Lighting (SW Florida)
    New lighting fixtures were specified to light the fuel pump areas under a rebuilt canopy for various convenience stores and gas stations. Light trespass on surrounding property lines as well as adequate lighting levels on sight were considered in the design as well as adhering to local government lighting regulations.
  • Palm Pointe Shoppes (Lee County)
    Code minimum lighting design was completed to meet County requirements. Using shoebox fixtures redesign was later conducted to provide higher lighting levels to satisfy potential commercial tenants concerns and requirements.
  • SR 739 Street and Signal Lighting (FDOT)
    TR Transportation designed the street lighting for the extension of Metro Parkway from Six Mile Cypress to Alico Road with an interchange at U.S. 41 for the Florida Department of Transportation. The job entailed both staggered and ramp lighting as well as a combination of mast arm and strain pole signal designs. Metro Parkway is a State route and complete F.D.O.T criteria were adhered to in the preparation of the plan set. Interconnect conduit and cable was specified and current Lee County signal system specifications were utilized to compliment the County DOT’s systems already in use.
  • Livingston Road Street and Signal Lighting (Collier County)
    TR Transportation was involved in the preparation of design plans for street lighting and signal design for Collier County along Livingston Road. Existing lighting was accommodated during the expansion of Livingston Road and strategic light pole placement was applied to reuse existing equipment in the field.
  • Daniels Parkway Corridor Study
    TR Transportation conducted a corridor study along Daniels Parkway from U.S. 41 to Treeline Avenue for the Lee County Department of Transportation to evaluate future traffic conditions along this corridor. As part of the analysis, TR Transportation utilized various software packages available to analyze various access management alternatives at existing full median openings along the corridor. The final report recommended the elimination of some and modification of other existing median openings and signalized intersections in order to accommodate the increasing traffic demand on this significant east/west roadway in Lee County.
  • City of Bonita Springs Capital Improvement Plan Development
    TR Transportation recently assisted the City of Bonita Springs in the development of their first Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to be incorporated into the upcoming Comprehensive Plan for the City. TR Transportation utilized the FSUTMS model to examine both short term and long term traffic conditions with the wide range of projects that are occurring in and around this newly formed City.
  • Traffic Data Collection
    TR Transportation also has extensive traffic data collection experience utilizing personnel in-house to complete these services. TR Transportation has available an equipment inventory ranging from computerized data collection units such as Hi-Star and pneumatic tube counters to hand held traffic count boards. In addition, TR Transportation has in-vehicle mounted DMI’s (Distance Measuring Instrument) that is utilized to conduct travel time studies utilizing the JAMAR© count boards and software.
  • Immokalee Road Corridor Study
    In response to concern by the Collier County Transportation Planning Department, TR Transportation conducted a thorough corridor analysis of the Immokalee Road corridor from County Route 951 to Livingston Road. This analysis considered the future year traffic projections along this corridor and the impact that three large residential projects would have on the corridor. The analysis program SYNCRHO and HCS were both utilized to perform arterial Level of Service Analysis to demonstrate that the arterial would function more efficiently than the Level of Service identified on the generalized Level of Service tables produced by the Florida Department of Transportation.
  • Access Management Studies – Various Routes
    TR Transportation has been responsible for the preparation of Access Management Plans for various corridors in Lee and Collier County serving as a sub-consultant to other firms preparing engineering plans for roadway widening projects. The corridors include Imperial Street, from the Lee County line to Bonita Beach Road; Gunnery Road, from S.R. 82 to Lee Boulevard; Lee Boulevard, from S.R. 82 to Homestead Road; Colonial Boulevard, from the Mid-Point Bridge to TR Transportation Parkway; Alico Road, from U.S. 41 to Three Oaks Parkway and the Time Square Circulation and Access review on Fort Myers Beach.